Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Even more Warcrafts (and gifts) to feast your eyes upon

Luxy and I were chatting about our favourite recent Warcrafts and there have been some real cool things out there lately which can also make really cool gifts.  Etsy is such a great place to see people's creativity :D

This custom L'il Tarecgosa is made by Magnastorm (who does Plushie commissions) and this one is exceptional! She is 24" long with a 35" wingspan - close to what it shoule be actual size!
This plush Pepe made by HollyIvyDesigns is for sale at her Etsy store, and is absolutely adorable! Apparently a little bit too heavy to keep perched on your head though...
This druid inspired chain mail bracelet with tiger's eye beads is made by @Ketsuki_WoW and her Etsy store is full of WoW inspired bracelets and lanyards - she has been busy making heaps or orders for people for Blizzcon!
ParadoxYoga has a ton of custom WoW print leggings in her store and they have gotten some really good reviews!
My friend Euphyley has been making a lot of steeds out of polymer clay lately and this Dreadsteed looks fantastic!  Her Headlesss Horseman mount is also really cool :D
Now this is a cool luggage tag!  Handmade by Jameson at LudoModernLeather, he has some other WoW inspired handmade leather items in his Etsy store, including leather notebooks, iPad sleeves and keyring fobs.  His leather is made with organic and water-based treatments wherever possible, making his products fully biodegradable and natural (except for the metal bits of course).
These cookie cutters by StarCookies are made with a 3D printer are constructed of biodegradable plastic.  You can buy the alliance or the horde one! Great for cake decorating too!
It Came From the Internet has lots of cool WoW inspired items in their store, including these keyrings, and also rings at quite affordable prices.  I could imagine using these as stocking stuffers! 
What have you seen lately that was crafty and could make a good gift for your WoW crazy friends? Would love to hear about any other cool things!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A guild run of Blackrock Foundry

Well, we finally got the achievement for finishing BRF as a guild, when we did Blackhand on normal. It felt messy to me, but I was just glad to be home and raiding.  We had a few goes at Blackhand on heroic but didn't get very far.  People need to be moving in the right directions and not standing on bombs - me included.  It was nice just to get back into the swing of things... and the week off did wonders for my seals, as now I am sitting at 9.

And we also had under 20 people.  Not that I was particularly concerned, since we have a ways to go before we'd even look at mythic, but are we suddenly joining the ranks of those guilds being unable to do mythic because of numbers?  There are a few people who will probably be unable to commit to mythic raiding - which will require things like a full time commitment and no leaving early or starting late - totally different to how this wonderful flex business works for casual raiding.

Even so, I have never touted ourselves as a mythic guild. It will certainly be interesting trying to heal heroic Blackhand with 3 druids and a paladin/holy priest.  I wonder how next week will be!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Making the most out of the new Ashran

Ashran as Horde now has been pathetic now. I can't get into groups, I can't get any Conquest, I can't kill their faction leader. What is there now to do in Ashran except work on my Gladiator Sanctum achievements?

So I feel the only way now to get any Conquest is to release the prisoners.  It's a long slog just to get the 75 conquest points from releasing all 3.

So, I dragged Aimei, Sev and Ultra into the prison so that we could release the prisoners.  But while we were waiting for the Prison Guard to respawn we decided to take some selfies in the prison.

It was weird in this picture, Ultra was taking a selfie but he looks like he's pointing at something.

So I have been reduced to just doing the objectives on the edges for gold and honour. However, then I went with Gunnar into Ashran and he showed me that a bunch of items that are like the treasures around in Draenor, which contain artifact fragments.

At least it's something to do when I'm there, and at least they give me honour which I can spend on buying stuff to disenchant.  But I don't want honour... I want my 200 conquest for the week!

I was lucky just the other night because I went into group finder for PvP and under Ashran there was one group - an oceanic group - and I joined them and yay, I got a group!  Unfortunately they were in a different instance of Ashran to me - we had found this issue when we Frostwolves grouped up to do Ashran, but it would be fixed by zoning out of Ashran and zoning back in.  So I did that and was in their instance which was a lot better than the one I was in - where Alliance was whooping our asses and people were asking for groups but none were being made.  So if worst comes to worst, I think it's a good idea to drop it into the Ashran group finder - I think if I do group up with some guildies we might do that, and go around doing events or something.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Non WoW - A few days away from civilisaton

It's Easter break and my family is away for holidays in the wild Australian Outback, checking out the red centre of Australia.

At Uluru we stayed at a resort, then moved on to some glamping as we moved outwards to explore other places.

There were a few days where I had no internet and no phone reception.  I thought I would be having dreadful withdrawal.  But I was too tired from walking all day to worry about logging in to do stuff.

Even now back in civilisation at Alice Springs, I haven't been able to logon - once I lie down with the kids I all asleep (and there is nobody to wake me up for raid time) and then when I wake up at 1am I feel bad if I start tapping away on the keyboard and wake up everyone since we're all in the same hotel room.

Today we're going to be taking a long train ride to Adelaide in luxury (with exorbitant price to match) and hopefully I'll get to meet up with some guildies there.  I am glad to see that there was some heroic killing going on whilst I was away - I noticed three bosses went down - and that there was a little patch and they introduced the WoW token.  You know, the first thing I thought when I saw that was "Well, Luxy will never have to pay for WoW time ever again!"

Well, it's always going to be easier for me to buy my time with real money than with game money. The ability to make money in game in large amounts still eludes me :D  Though with the garrison I do make some money!