Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Minipost - Legion Cook


And I still haven't gotten all my 3 star recipes from Nomi yet. I got sick of wasting my food on him, though now with those extra cooking things that drop (Prepared Ingredients) I guess I should start putting work orders in again.

I would have been maxxed cooking sooner if I quit outsourcing my cooking to people with the 3 star recipe for Azshari Salad. Thanks Amelior!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Broken Isle helpers - why are they appearing?

As I've been questing around the Broken Isles I noticed that I seem to have random helpers based on my zone.

In Highmountain, I would have a Rivermane Shaman or Brul fists popping out of the ground.

In Stormheim I would get a Rune of Valo(u)r or a Val'kyr come swooping down and flying off again.

In Surumar I'd have withered come running through like a stampede or Nightborn helpers.

And in Azsuna I'd have a bunch of Azure whelplings come swooping in and attacking my targets.

I know that all these helpers actually are helpers from various quests in that zone which may or may not be up, but why are they around when I am not doing that particular world quest? HK theorised that it was from handing in your bonus cache from each 10k bonus rep you get with the factions. I have no idea if that is true or not. Maybe someone out there can tell me the answer! I've seen other people with the same mobs helping them too, so it's not just because I'm lucky.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finally a good use for Marks of Honour!

I saw people getting achievements for class armour sets, and I didn't realise I could be finishing mine off too! A good thing all that PvP pays off!

So I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday getting my achievements

Phew! Wall of spamming Achievements! Yes the guild was spammed to, and people asked me how many Marks of Honour I had, and I said a lot. Yeah, I am sure i was sitting over 200!

Though I noticed that after patch, the drop rate of those Marks seems to have gone down a bit.

Now that there are achievements with collecting sets, I am going to work harder at collecting them! Luckily it doesn't say weapons too, because each weapon lot is 80 marks compared to a mere 12 for the armour.

And the good news is now I won't have to collect any more appearances because I did have all these things once upon a time, and now since I still PvP I can still get all of the appearances for the season. So save up your marks and buy your favourite old PvP sets people!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away....

Finally, I can fly!

It is so good to be be able to fly around! It makes it so fast doing Broken Shore stuff. I keep forgetting I can fly though. I had been landing and then going on my ground mount to places before I think "Doh, I can fly why am I doing this??"

Flight form still helps with quest stuff - which I think is a bit hax. For example, one of the Broken shore quests wants you to shoot the bat things out of the sky as well as pick up supplies from the ground. I can not only pick up the supplies from the ground in flight form and if I get hit whilst looting it doesn't matter, it won't drop me from form and I can fly away, but also I can pick up the spears and fly right up to a bat and throw it at the bat.

That wasn't the only world quest I think is a bit funny with flight form! Delivering 20 arcwine - which I know I couldn't get onto my mount to carry a barrel which is 10 arcwine - is also hax in flight form because not only can I loot the bottles and fly away if I get seen (even if they are hitting me), but I can also pick up a barrel in flight form and fly to the boat to deliver it!

Anyway, it's nice too to see Broll in his purple crow form. My daughter saw him and asked who my twin was, and I said that's Broll! The kids see Broll a lot following me around when I play, and I think they think that he's a friend, rather than an NPC. My son asks about Broll all the time. It's actually rather amusing.

Everyone has been telling me how great it is for herbing. Yeah yeah. Like I haven't heard it all before for the last 7 years.

"Why are you a tauren druid and NOT herbing? Why have you got tailoring when you wear leather?"

In WoD when flying came and people were not overly excited about it, I don't think that's the same for Legion. Everyone wants their flying! And everyone is loving it. Hope you all have your flying too and don't do a Crooked - choose the Legionfall reputation when you do your Kirin Tor emissary!