Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Raiding - A short week but still made progress

We were really short of healers on Thursday so we just called raid which I don't mind because it means mythic plus time.

Sunday raid went well with Moisty's first time tanking it. He had been fishing all weekend and arrived back in time for raid and still managed to keep going and tank everything except Gul'dan. Obviously a bit rusty his first time with some early taunts but I think he'll get along nicely for the weekend. Kjersten is my next project for tanking and Splatz can do that so HK can have a break from tanking and do something else, if that's what he wants to do. It was also the first time I said alts can come to raid and with alts in raid, the looting system defaults to AMR. Many people were hesitant about it, but that's what I have said we were going to do and it has worked well in the past for looting. Obviously this time I paid a bit more attention to loot than I did previously - I often did not notice titanforged or socketed gear but I made a bigger effort to look this time. People were also concerned that I did the looting based  upon the "upgrade" system that AMR shows, but I actually don't even look at that. What I do look at is who hit need, who has looted already, and who is a main vs an alt, whether the item is a high end coveted item (eg trinkets and tier). There was also another reason and that was that loot sharing can sometimes be a bit funny - as in people NOT sharing out loot, or handing over BoEs.

I'm well aware there are ways of getting out of stuff. BoEs are a classic example - if you don't pick it up in the raid, then it goes to your mailbox and then you can technically keep it for yourself. BoEs are supposed to be handed over to guild to fund repairs and I will use it to buy pots and flasks for the guild bank once we hit the magic 2 million gold mark. I worry that if I introduce it too early then when the BoE gold haul dries up, then trying to get people to contribute flasks again is a real pain in the ass. The same goes for personal loot. THe temptation to hand over an item to a friend rather than to the rest of the guild is a real one, and I am sure there are many loots that are passed over that way. Also, chanters will keep the shards as well rather than hand it over - I know I do but i do a lot of guild enchants and I spend ages farming epics in dungeons to keep my supply up. In reality, I can't do anything about it, so I just turn a blind eye to it, even though there are indignant voices saying "you should clamp down on it blah blah" but why, other than to make people angry? Let them think they can get away with it for a little while and people feel happy about it for a while? However, once I do AMR then I can control all loot and distribute it out evenly and openly, and I also can keep the shards to do all the enchants. I put out a ton of enchants each week! To keep up I need at least 50 chaos crystals a week and it's good that we get some from raid to do chants, and that people who regularly get chants from me send me greens to DE as well as cloth for making Leylight shards.

Fortunately, though there have been mutterings of complaint, there isn't enough of an issue for people to have to come up to me at the end of the raid and say "We think this is bad because of x and y." However, since we have been doing it that way for 2 or 3 tiers now, you would think people would get used to it.

Anyway, we cleared Gul'dan, lots of people got loot, but I probably had less to DE overall, partly because we had alts picking up gear, but also I think we had less loot than we do on personal.

Monday rolled around and I relaxed the raid size restrictions because Erve and Crooked could heal and now that we had the mechanics for Elisande better sorted it was easier to have everyone doing their jobs. So raid size of 24 with 5 healers was comfortable and we got Elisande and then started working on Gul'dan.

I am a total nitwit with Gul'dan. Firstly, I'm so busy trying to follow melee around that I am not healing enough or healing properly. Secondly I put my bubble down and then I do dumb stuff like MOVE! And that's even if I remember to do the bubble in the first place because I often do it too early or too late and I am just... STUPID. I needed a butt ton of warm up trying to get myself sorted out, and I think by the end of the night I got it sorted out.

We made good progress throughout the night and at least got to phase 3 so maybe by next week we can clean it up even more, especially when we only had 2 raid nights this week.

Some awesome 920+ trinkets went out to Jassa, Gen and Aza. Hopefully the extra output will help with raid next week!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Flamesaber mount from HOTS is hot

I don't play much Heroes of the Storm, but after Blizzcon we did say we'd try to play more. That didn't last long, but then Blizzard's ran a mount promo where you play 15 games on a Warcraft hero in Heroes of the storm with a friend from your battle.net friends list. So that rejuvenated it a little bit. However, didn't improve on my choice of characters though!

There were a few guildies that I played with to get my games done, namely Shab, HK, Sev, Crooked, Sars, Ultra, Ram and even Moisty and after sacrificing PvP night we managed to get it done.

I always play LiLi, and I try my best to be outrageously bright, so I have this pink safari suit on and ride the Hell Billie in pink skin.

It's actually a rather nice looking mount. Matches my boomkin legendary nicely!

Hope you mount hunters get your mount! It's good that you can play AI - with Shab we would often play Veteran or Elite, but with Sars we just played regular and facerolled the games. Which is better? I guess it depends on how you want to play! For novices like me, it was kinda fun to faceroll but it was challenging to play harder AI too - it just meant it took longer to get games done.

Haven't done it yet? You still have another 2 weeks to get it if you want it! The promo finishes on March 14th so what are you waiting for?


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just keep digging, just keep digging

If Dory did archaeology, she'd say "Just keep Digging" to me
The only job where you start at the top is when you dig a hole.

This fortnight's archaeology was a lot of digging. It was hard to get started but once I got into it, it was easier. I also didn't have any tauren ghosts popping up for the first 200 bone fragments (600 in total) so once I got a few of those, the bone fragment drop increased. I actually only had to dig about 20 dig sites for this one but that's more digs than I had done for other quests.

Witnessing the burial was very short!

So we get to ride around a ghost moose. It's actually not too bad with the moose head mog for my druid. The worst part of this digging was the Majestic Elderhorn. I swear he just came looking for me to chase me around and charge me when I was in dig sites near his pathing area. I think I killed him about 8 times. A shame the world quest wasn't up....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I love being carried in Mythic plus!

It was a slow week. With Love is in the Air, the Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber and archaeology mount to dig up there was not enough time to do mythic plus and I healed up plenty of other people's keys but I didn't get to level up my own key past 13 Arcway.

However, Gal told me that if I hadn't done my 15 for the week he had his one lying around. Oh, I asked, what is it? He had a Vault of Wardens +18...

PLUS EIGHTEEN! OMG! I hate Vault of Wardens 2nd boss! Would we be able to finish it???

Can't do corner strat with 2nd boss because the volcanic is really poopy. So we did it the usual way. And by the way, all the trash hit like trucks with the damned fortified.

Look, we made a pretty love heart out of sanguine!

Poor Anna and Gal, it was so nice of them to come and share their key, I wish I could have made the run smoother! However, overall, despite wiping on the 2nd boss multiple times (we had a few mishaps with Ox pulling dogs from upstairs, and then some bad knockbacks where I got disoriented) and dying to spiders because I am an idiot and walked the wrong way, the rest of the time it was ok. Oh, we did have this problem that I've had before in VoW where you die when you're down in the spider area after aggroing a brood mother and when you rez back up the top, the brood mother is there attacking you but you can't attack her because you don't have a light! So we have to all go back down the lift pick up the light and then DPS her when she pops up downstairs.

About the other bosses, that rock boss with the fire - I didn't know you could turn those statues twice to get 2 ice phases - but I guess the fight would have to belong to get that and it went for a REALLY long time. So we turned at the start and then turned again when it was about 30% or so. Glazer wasn't too bad, though we had a few deaths but no wipes and on Cordana we also didn't have any wipes either.

Look at the crappy time! LOL it's like more than double everyone else's time!

Anyway, it was an experience, and I had heaps of fun like I always do when attempting challenging things. I'll do better next time!

Unfortunately I still haven't managed to get Crooked to do a +15 in time yet, so hopefully the next week I can. I don't even think he's fussed about it. Jassaray was happy because on Tuesday night he managed to finish his +15 Arcway right at shutdown as he clicked the chest! I was trying last night before shutdown to get Goodgravy his +15 for the week but at 11pm we finished our 14 and I got a 15 HOV and I was like... hmm dunno if we can do this in time! Necrotic Tyranical next week. Tanks are gonna love it.